Monday, December 5, 2011

Blade Runner

I have to admit, this movie leaves me feeling very conflicted. I do have a particular fondness for dystopian stories, particularly when they take place in a science fiction environment. My biggest issue is a sad one, because since so many movies have copied its style and tone, seeing the original feels cliche. I wish I had seen the movie when I was younger, because it is extremely remarkable for how original of a movie it really was.

My second biggest issue is with Deckard and how he isn't particularly heroic. Normally this would be fine, however he is considered to be the best Blade Runner, and he spends most of the movie being beaten and bested. If he was a normal guy sucked into a situation beyond him, or he was shown to be beyond his prime it would be more fitting, but he is not.

That being said, the way the rest of the movie is handled is brilliant. The villains are intimidating, yet still sympathetic, and they all have great depth, as do all of the characters, even those in the movie for only minutes. The sets are very well designed, and feel very old and lived in. The plot has a nice, paced flow that feels very natural and organic, like what people in those situations would decide, other than simply what was written.

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